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I recognised there were different voices out there." At 33, she is young enough to have not fallen in love with the Beatles or the Rolling Stones.

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Her musical road to Damascus involved sneaking into her three elder brothers' rooms to gain access to their large LP record collections.

And what a treasure trove it was: Kiss was well represented; there was a smattering of AC/DC, Beach Boys and Talking Heads - a solid jumping-off point for a curious young pop fan.

Anyway, she says, there's a bit to be modest about.

"We shoot for an hour and they use 27 minutes," Warhurst says of the show's heavy editing.

"We tend to see one particular type of young woman - blonde, not being given a hell of a lot to do and prone to being in bikinis in travel shows." " has been the perfect vehicle," says her friend Tim Ross of the comedy duo Merrick and Rosso.

"It's so right for her: where you can shine, but not to be the centre of everything." The Warhust star is set to shine brighter when her newest project screens on the ABC tonight. It would be remiss of me not to ask Warhurst about albums that informed her musical life.

"I quite like it because it makes me look really smart." She says the lags between the buzzer sounding and the answer being given are often edited out, so it's lucky there's nothing riding on the result.

"It takes me a bit of time to access the information but it's in there," she says. Brough cannot speak highly enough of his colleague.

Warhurst admits she is no music genius (the other "captain", Alan Brough, who in his youth worked in several record shops in New Zealand, is exceptional) but her warmth and modesty amid the occasional look-at-me brayings of various team members has set her apart.

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