The game of dating

The girls would chase the boys they thought were cute and the boys would scream and run, but eventually let the girls catch them.

What if they didn't stop running and never let them catch them? I'm going to play hopscotch." Did you ever think the childhood version of yourself had a better mindset on boys than you do now?

Next week, 24-year-old George, from Essex, digitally designs his ideal woman.

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If the facts add up to something not worthwhile, what's keeping you waiting?

Know when to fold No one likes to lose, but there comes a time when you have so much more on the line than the game is worth -- your heart.

If your friend was telling you a guy only calls her at night, ditches her all the time or only hangs out with her when it's convenient for him, what would you say?

It's like a math problem where every aspect of your almost-not-really-relationship equals that he really does not care or wants nothing to come from whatever is going on between the two of you.

Once they’ve created a perfect partner in terms of looks, the show’s dating database will scour the country to find ten real suitors fitting this specific image.

Of course it's not all down to looks; over the week those looking for a match set their dates challenges aimed at revealing their true characters.

But if it's a flop, the suitors could find themselves in the Dumping Room where they have to fight to keep their place in the competition.

The show kicked off tonight on E4 and continues every night until Friday.

It's like playing Monopoly with someone who always cheats.

You come to realize that they are no fun to play with anymore because it will always end in a fight, upset or anger.

Realize that you are enough In the dating scene people try to pretend that they don't care, or they change themselves to be "good enough" for the other person.

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