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Ticket includes admission to the event and a drink of your choice off the menu.

The Pony Express was a mail service delivering messages, newspapers, and mail.

The mochila was thrown over the saddle and held in place by the weight of the rider sitting on it. Bundles of mail were placed in these cantinas, which were padlocked for safety.

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Maybe you’ll spot someone you fancy, it could energize you! Ladies, enjoy the small talk, the charm, better to ask what do you like to to do… Remember, this is just an introduction, there is no pressure, you’re not on a date exactly.

Chat with the other guests before the night starts…. By making some “friends” you might make real friends, meet other people you might meet again, have someone to chat to rather than being a wall flower and you can have a drink with them after and share some thoughts. For the ladies, dress well, do yourself up and believe you are beautiful! Take this five minutes to meet someone new, have the encounter.

Officially operating as the Leavenworth and Pike's Peak Express Company of 1859, in 1860 it became the Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express Company; this firm was founded by William H. Waddell, all of whom were notable in the freighting business.

From April 3, 1860 to October 1861, it became the West's most direct means of east–west communication before the transcontinental telegraph was established (October 24, 1861), and was vital for tying the new state of California with the rest of the United States.

After Morehead was bought out and retired, Waddell merged his company with Russell's, changing the name to Waddell & Russell.

In 1855 they took on a new partner, Alexander Majors, and founded the company of Russell, Majors & Waddell. Russell, Majors, and Waddell organized and put together the Pony Express in two months in the winter of 1860. The undertaking assembled 120 riders, 184 stations, 400 horses, and several hundred personnel during January and February 1861. "I, ..., do hereby swear, before the Great and Living God, that during my engagement, and while I am an employee of Russell, Majors, and Waddell, I will, under no circumstances, use profane language, that I will drink no intoxicating liquors, that I will not quarrel or fight with any other employee of the firm, and that in every respect I will conduct myself honestly, be faithful to my duties, and so direct all my acts as to win the confidence of my employers, so help me God." The Pony Express demonstrated that a unified transcontinental system of communications could be established and operated year-round. When replaced by the telegraph, the Pony Express quickly became romanticized and became part of the lore of the American West. Its reliance on the ability and endurance of individual young, hardy riders and fast horses was seen as evidence of rugged American individualism of the Frontier times.

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