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When Jesus saw how strongly they believed that He would help, Jesus said to the sick man, “Son your sins are forgiven!

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He added, “Before coming here, I said I was not going to date anyone.

“But when I saw Nina whom I had met severally outside the show, the story started changing.

This is as Nina refused to address Miracle as her boyfriend when Ebuka, the show host, demanded to know how strong their relationship was.

Speaking to fellow housemates, Tobi and Alex about their quarrel, Miracle said he never planned dating anyone in the show.

Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul, and spirit. Peregrine, the cancer saint, all the Angels and Saints, please help me. There was a large crowd around the house Jesus was staying, in Capernaum.

Come Lord Jesus, cover me with Thy Precious Blood, and fill me with Thy Holy Spirit, I love Thee Lord Jesus, I praise Thee Lord Jesus, I thank Thee Jesus, I shall follow Thee every day of my life. With no room left in or outside the house, four men dug through the roof and lowered a paralyzed man on a mat, right in front of Jesus.

How to Change My Life – Miracle Workers or Scammers? Today we will talk about what needs to happen to make a significant change in your life. Before we do, we want you to know that we love your messages. We hear every day from those of you who our putting into practice the things we talk about. This black and white way of thinking about people will severely hurt you in dating. The problem is that people are much more complex than this.

We got a message from a “fan” yesterday musing about what we do and we’ll talk about that in a minute. We are so honored and grateful to have these connections with you. Fourth, this person has set up a scenario where we are either miracles workers or scammers.

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Nina on Tuesday night broke down in tears over her relationship Miracle.

The love between the romantic partners- Nina and Miracle seems to be fading off as they both exchanged hurtful words.

This was after Miracle complained to Nina about addressing him as her ‘Best friend’ before everyone. I swear to God, if I care about Miracle, call me whatever name you want.

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