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The urban economy and culture are moving in the direction of those of developed countries, as the rural economy shifts from being agriculture-dominated to one co-buttressed by agriculture and industry.

Owing to these factors, marriage and the family are believed to be taking on diverse trends in China's rural and urban regions.

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Some people, however, usually seniors, with no experience in self-reliance, or at being financially self-supporting, worry about the harm a broken home may do to their children.

From their point of view, the law should discourage divorce by making it difficult.

This mode of life is gradually being accepted by China's urban youth.

Sex education is now scientific and commonplace, and so inhibits the youth from curiosity-driven sex.

Being more sensitive and less unwilling to overlook the flaws in their marriage, they are more likely to divorce.

People are now aware that maintaining a marriage requires skill, and no longer believe stable connubiality depends merely on a marriage license and children.

They often have their own bank accounts, and husbands do not necessarily hand over their salaries to their wives.

Some couples have their respective property notarized before marrying.

Supporting elders has become a grave social problem.

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