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Many outdoor enthusiasts use bikes, skateboards, and skates for recreation.

Although these recreational instruments may appear to be harmless, many accidents occur every year due to neglect and carelessness.

When an individual reaches the age of majority his or her parents are no longer liable for their child's actions.

Some local ordinances have been established to protect citizens from accidents (42-4-111).

Bicycles must abide by rules such as: One law that applies to skateboards, skates, skis, and sleds is that they may not be on highways for traveling (42-4-109(9).

An underage person may consume alcohol if they obtain permission from their guardians and drink on their private property.

back to top Bikes, Skateboards, and Skates Colorado is a very recreational state.

back to top Alcohol and Youth According to our state law, as well as that of every other state, persons consuming or in possession of alcohol must be of at least 21 years of age (12-47-901).

In Colorado it is illegal to enter into a liquor store if under 21 years of age (12-47-901(b)).See Emancipation of Minors and Parental Liability Basics for related information.Note: State laws are always subject to change through the passage of new legislation, rulings in the higher courts (including federal decisions), ballot initiatives, and other means.The law also address things like the ability to enter into a contract, the ability to sue, and the age at which a minor may consent to medical treatment.Learn more about New Jersey's legal ages laws below.Although Colorado law is extremely specific on the law regarding underage drinking, people still attempt to purchase alcohol.

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