Doa dating sim game

Japanese gamers will be able to vote for the girls they'd like to see in the game by buying a PS4 and PSVita theme from August 20th.

I believe the themes are the same seen in this link.

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The 15 girl pool is the following, in bold the ones who made the cut:well if the developers feel that it'd be worth their time based on last round's pc version, perhaps they will. they already said they would prefer no nude mods but less than twenty four hours and one sprouted. They also didn't like the mods that removed Ayanes makeup.

I'm not sure how they feel on the FX mods to sharpen the models.

Players Like Hitomi had really high defense and wouldn't get knocked around too often..

They really need to work on progression, and they really need to take better advantage of the fact that they have what are supposed to be word-class martial artists on this island.

I'd love to see crazy ninja nonsense work its way into the sports sections.

If they're gonna make a poor man's wannabe cinematic Outlaw Volleyball and mix it with a poor man's Wave Race, I'm not giving it a second glance. As I said above, the Japanese market is far stronger than the Western one, and I think that's the reason behind the Asian exclusivity.Hopefully they will change that.#1, #2, #3, #4, #5As said before, only 9 girls will make the cut.In paradise the only thing you could do really was volleyball and gambling.There just needs to be more mini games and maybe a better goal than just saving money to get the swimsuit you wanted.I just want a few more minigames like parasailing or different waterslide courses to go through, the ones on x2 were actually a lot of fun.

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