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East Croatians have a predilection for spinning tall tales about eating types of spicy sausages called the Kulen and playing their traditional mandolin-like instrument called the Tamburitizia. Dalmatian Drunkards Dalmatia has a major seafaring community and thus it comes as no surprise that the stereotype of Croats from Dalmatia is common to any group of seagoing people.

Dalmatians are supposed to be ready fighters, big, burly fishermen and sailors given to drinking wine, bursting into traditional Croat songs and generally raising hell!

This stereotype is based on the popular perception that Zagreb, having been the centre of learning in medieval times and the cultural center of Croatia, has a majority of middle class people who wish to project themselves to be true Croatian aristocrats.

Actually, this is just a myth; a Zagrebian is just as cosmopolitan as any other inhabitant of any large European city.

So for other Croats, the people from Lika are the coarse mountain men best kept at a distance.

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Croatia, with its long and rich history, having been at the cross roads of great civilizations spanning from the Roman civilization to the advent of Christianity and its troubles with Islam, is a land of surprising diversity, despite its small geographical mass.

You probably would have come across a sweeping stereotype for all Croats as being sly, crafty, untrustworthy people.

These Croats are supposed to be slippery customers, which is a misnomer; you just have to travel to the calm, scenic Zagorje region to realize why the people there are so serene.

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